3 OpenPPGs within 1/2 hour, and tandem flight coming!

East PA is getting populated with OpenPPGs! I test flew another newcomer Sunday night:

Next opportunity I get this week, we’re doing a tandem with it!


Nice climb rate, so that is attributed to really good thrust.
Looks like the throttle ramp needs to be, decreased?, some more. Seemed a bit sensitive coming off the throttle.
Cheers, Patrick

Where are you guys at? I’m at the Jersey Shore.

I’m in Newtown, PA. That video was in Exton, PA. Tonight we’re flying either in Exton, or at Van Sant in Bucks county. I’m more than happy to come out to the Jersey shore and help set up, test fly, etc.!

Nice Flight. What are you using as your battery set up? Any issues with heat or main battery switch?

Looks like a hefty pack

4 Bonkas, same as others. Still lighter than any traditional machine, even without any fuel.

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No problems yet, knock on wood!

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