2022 SP140 (v1.1), Low Hours, 2 Batteries, Upgrades, Spares

Selling my OpenPPG SP140 (v1.1) electric paramotor, complete with spares, extras, and everything listed. It was purchased new in October of 2022, and it’s only been flown for a few hours. It’s got minor scuffs from breaking the unit down and transporting it, but it has never been crashed or butt-landed. Senior instructors at Aviator in Lake Wales got to play with the unit and can vouch for it.

Only selling because I live in coastal Delaware and do a lot of water flying (marshlands, beaches, bay, ocean, rivers) which isn’t ideal for electronic stuff. I’ve also gravitated more to longer XC flights, usually on my Scout/Moster 185, but I just picked up a MacFly/Thor 202 as my secondary unit.

OpenPPG SP140 (v1.1) Paramotor

  • Left Hand Throttle w/ Updated Firmware
  • Dudek Powerseat Comfort Harness (S/M)
  • Dudek Reserve Pocket (not installed)
  • Upgraded Iris Paramotor Swingarms (Red)
  • Iris Paramotor Quick Release Prop Hub
  • Added v2.0 Center Frame Clamps (Pair)

(2) 140cm Tri-Blade E-Props
(2) 4kwh Batteries
(1) US 110v Charger

My original purchase price(without the upgrades) was almost $10,500. This needs to stop collecting dust in my garage; I’ve got the original padded boxes for the batteries, so shipping is an option - price will vary based on your location. Local pickup in Lewes, Delaware (19958) or the surrounding area is preferred.

Hi can i give you a call about this vary interested. Thanks Nathan!

Bump. Price reduced to $6500.

Wow, this is a great deal on a mint SP140.

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Please text or call.
John Braman (858)449-0012
Encinitas CA 92024

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John - I’m shooting you a text now. Ryan

Call me or text: 825-437-9009

Hi @Ryan86
Do let me know if you still got it!
I am on the west coast for the next couple of months so I can meet you in person.
Text or call me at 825-437-9009

Hi Ryan,

I live in Greenwood, Delaware and would love to come take a look at the unit. Please feel free to text or call 302-233-0395.

Also, would love to get together and fly sometime! I have a 1000ft grass strip runway in front of my house in Greenwood, and you’d be welcome to come fly out of there.


Wow that is a killer deal!

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