2022 SP140 for sale

The unit has never been flown. I bought it late last year and now its just collecting dust. It does have scratches on the very bottom from loading into the bed of my truck for transport (held standing upright with ratchet straps), but otherwise is truly brand new.

Size s/m harness.
3 blade prop
Large reserve pouch

Will send photos upon request, but at this point, we all know what an SP140 looks like.

Also have brand new out of the wrapper ozone reserve, and a used Ozone Mojo 2 wing if anyone is interested in either.

Happy to work something out for shipping
Location is Portsmouth, NH

Shoot me a text if interested: 484-794-8010

Price is 8.5 k OBO for everything (wing, reserve, paramotor)

6k for just the paramotor

I’ll have it boxed up by this weekend and I can check shipping prices for anyone who is interested.

Wing size is 26

That’s a ■■■■ good deal. Hope someone snatches it up!

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Tried to whatzapp this guy, but blocked me, probably scam

I get enough spam messages, and because I blocked a fishy message, with zero explanation or introduction, on an app that I don’t even use, you decide to call it a scam? Just get out of here bro.

Plus your account was made 2 hours ago

That makes no sense. How could blocking you make him a scammer? If he wanted to scam you he wouldn’t want to block you cause then he wouldn’t be able to scam you! Haha!


I’ve been sitting on the checkout page for a few days trying to pull the trigger - even took out a loan to cover it, the price here is enticing… but I don’t know to trust sending that much money to a 3rd party seller without immediately taking possession and being able to judge whether everything is in working order. I also fear that I’ll be in the same position of not using it myself and having to turn around and sell it, so I’m glad there are people buying person to person so someone will bail me out of a bad decision :rofl:


What was the reason you never used yours?

The community is happy to give you advice if you want to just know if you’re making the right decision.

If you want more security on a potential purchase I get you. I’m happy to figure something out that will work for us both if you’re genuinely interested.

As for why I’m selling, I’m serious about starting a neurofeedback practice in my area, and it’ll require some expensive equipment. I’d actually like to keep the unit, but keeping the unit right now is the thing that will keep me from accomplishing that. As for why I haven’t flow it, I realized that I need a bit more training for it, which is an additional cost that I can’t afford right now. I figured I could always buy another at a later date.

Feel free to shoot me a text or call me after 5pm EST if you have any questions or just want to chat about the unit. Let me know who it is and why you’re texting when you do though!

Whatever, i am here to spend money

This kit has been SOLD.

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