15kW NT-power motor+prop+ESC

Selling my NT-Power 15kw motor, possible best with e-props 130cm 3 blade prop, specifically tested with this motor and tuned for best results. Works best with 14-15s LiPo. Also letting go my HBC 25063 industrial grade ESC!

The prop is basicaly brand new with original covers. The motor has maybe 10hrs on it. Same for the esc! So You are basically getting a close to new Power system.

Best would be if it went together, but selling separate items is possible as well. The elements did cost me quiete a lot (1800€ for the motor, 1000€+ for esc, 400€ prop) but feel free to make offers. Thx

Can you please write to which countries you can ship. Thanks. by the way, this is an absolute high end setup :slight_smile:

Hi, yeah I know, and it also works flawless, smooth. Lots of power. I am 75kg, You can probably imagine the level of power to weight here :slight_smile: Anyway, I can ship basicaly anywhere. Don’t think there is any limit with regards to shipping components like these.

Thanks for the info, I’ll pass it on to my EPPG friend

Shure thx. I forgot to mention I also have the 3,5" display from MGM with all the telemetry data. Custom made 15s Bonka LiPo pack for testing if interested, only has some 8 cycles. Plus my personal 21700 custom pack od roughly 3kWh, some 20 cycles on it. Basicaly any component for the setup is available as I am switching to high voltage systems and my previous setups are free to go.

Any info? I am affraid it will get sold by parts soon…

Best regards


Just for info, the prop is sold already. Motor and ESC available.