13S15P Battery Pack Build


Considering the possibility of the batteries heating up enough to melt the glue, I would probably use liquid electrical tape instead, or something similar with a higher melting point.


I thought about that, too. But considering that hot glue needs somewhat around 160° Celsius, and that I would have other problems if the battery would get that hot, I thought I’d go for it.

The battery should not go over 60° Celsius, it would hurt the cells.


Hi Guys why not use Kapton tape the guys in the 3d printing game swear by the stuff, it’s wrapped around my 3d printer hot end and seems to hang in the well temperature/insulation wise , Just a thought


@Wannabeaflyer did you see the size of those thermistors? the only purpose of adding the hot glue was just keeping the two very tiny an small cables and pins apart. adding them into the cell will be even more difficult, as the battery pack is already assembled, also no possibility of nicely sticking the thermistor with kapton tape to one of the cells.


Hi Etienne Just realised they already had kapton tape over tthermistor and Lead wires, Sorry My bad I assumed you were going to secure them to the outside surface between lipos sandwiched together … Been reading so many great post here and the 1st time I jump in im giving duff info :smile: Sorry Guys


Very nice battery!Have you done any load tests on your pack? How hot do cells get under load? I’d like to build a pack also but I’m thinking of going bigger and not pushing each cell to its limit of 20 amps. Also interested to know how well that bms works under max load.


I haven’t progressed much over the past couple of weeks. No testing yet, as I am still busy building the pack, and I also have yet to receive my batch 3 unit.


Excellent. I’ve ordered same bms as you curious how it works. Do you have a charger for your pack, what did you get if so?


Checkout the custom battery used on this electric hydrofoil:


I contacted Chis at Ve Concepts to get the specifics. It’s a 60v 42AH pack which may work for us if we change the motor windings or prop size. However, he said he could have a battery made for our community to our specifications. He also has a custom charger to charge the pack. I think we should take him up on his offer to design a custom battery for us and have Paul add it to the store.

Chris said it would only cost a little more than high end LIPOs but would be much safer and can handle more cycles.


I’m in…


Interested… what’s the flight time estimate for this?


You ask that question a lot. With existing technology have you ever got an answer better than about one minute per pound of battery? The only way we will get better than that is with major advances in batteries like the solid state ones that you posted a link about (BTW… I messaged solid energy systems about their “Hermes” cells and they never replied).

Chris said they could design a custom pack for us. I think we should target the equivalent of four bonkas. That would satisfy most of us and then guys like you could use two packs to double the flight time. Personally, I would rather land and reload.

The point here is safety and number of cycles, not just flight time.


Yeah, I do like XC flying which is the biggest limit of this electric system. Thanks for the rule of thumb of 1lb/min… now I can stop asking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW, I’ve read that Tesla’s 2170 cells are around 20% more energy dense than other similar batteries. If we could get a supply of those, that would be awesome.

I contacted Solid Energy too and no response… I guess it’s vaporware for now.

Safety and higher cycles are good… I’m interested. Post the info when you have it. Thanks!


I am interested in a battery from Ve Concepts. I see this as being a safer and more portable option for bringing on the road for family RV trips.

I would love to see estimates for cost and weight from Chris.


It sounds prettt good I’m also interested in the cost and if it could be shipped to Canada. If it can’t then that excludes me. And also if it comes with a winter package (pre heater) since we live in a freezer up here 8 months of the year :wink:


Actually, Chris lives in Canada. Not sure where his manufacturer is though.


I too am very interested in other options like the Ve Concepts batteries or a similar battery like the Paracell battery pack. I have flown with 4 of the Bonka batteries and had a great flight but another battery choice would be a safer option.

Has any one actually finished building a 18650 cell battery pack and started testing it?


I’ve finished building 4 x 6s 18650 packs but I can test them because my controller is fried and i’m waiting to hear back from @Pdwhite


How many parallel on each pack? Is your plan to fly with all four packs? Or just two?


8p with Samsung 25R
My understanding is we need a minimum of 300A and each of these packs is capable of 160A so there is a 4 pack minimum to meet the current and voltage requirements.

They ended up looking like this, If you want a list of parts then let me know.