12V charger w/ solar panels

Hi, here’s what I want to be able to do for Xmas.

I have a 300watt solar setup w 2 6volt batteries in my trailer which I use as a base while I explore paraglide sites. I am now entering into ePPG and wonder if there is some way to charge the Bonkas I ordered utilizing or upgrading my existing setup.

Failing that, installing an inverter and going from there, which is the most “Dobs-proof” charger on the market?

From what I’ve read so far, this is a few years out. But I’m determined to not fall back on a generator (so far).


So if you have 4 Bonkas, you’ll have about 2kWh of capacity. At 300W (assuming you’ve got full sun) that’s about 6.5 hrs to charge em up. So if you’ve got that much sun and that much time between flights it’s not impossible.

As long as it’s possible, I will have the sun and the time.

Any advice in the charging setup for such a plan?

I think it’s a really cool idea. Like storing sunlight to thermal at night. Just got to get the scale right for it to be practical. Car batteries to store charge. Solar panels. Time in the sun. How much of each to make it work for you is the challenge.
A small system could sit all week and you get a 20 min powered flight from it.
Upscale if you want to fly every day.

This was something I was thinking of.
But I eventually want to do it for my EV as well. Hoping to put 5000Watts of solar on garage some day and charge a powerwall during the day and then dump into batts over night.
Batts need to come down allot for that – maybe in another 5 yrs??? Dont want to pay more the 10k$ for a whole system including batts

I like my simpliphi battery bank.