1000wh/kg battery

Apparently this Swiss company has cracked the code and built the ultimate battery that will change the world. Let’s hope we see some huge strides in energy density in the next 5 years!

every other week there’s an announcement about a breakthrough in battery technology, that would change the world.

the problem is, results in a lab under perfect condition is one thing - getting the same results under real world conditions for an affordable price, that’s another story. :slight_smile:


The more breakthroughs and competition the better!

Yep – the manufactorying process could take hunderds of millions to set if it does not already use existing processing machines that just need slight retooling.
Report says this is 3 to 5 yrs out till production

Shot in the dark but I sent a request to Innolith to get a sample or testing. I expect the answer to be a polite no – but you cant find out unless you ask.