Two batteries issues?

Hey Everyone, I am new to the group and just traded my trike for an open ppg v3.1. I have lots of hours with petro paramotors and am a complete newb when it comes it electric. My question is, can I fly with just two Bonka batteries? If so what flight time can I expect? My goal is just to climb high enough to catch a thermal, with enough battery power to assist with landing if needed.

Thanks in advance, and I hope you don’t mind but I am sure I will have many questions in the near future.

I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s hard on the battery’s (I have before but i was easy on the throttle) So if you are just gonna straight full throttle till battery are dead it would be really had on the batts. If you wanted something that is really lightweight i would get some higher discharge batts, like something in the 80c range. That’s something i have wanted to do for a while.

Thanks for the info Paul, I will look into that type of battery. Are those batteries something I can just plug in and go, or does something have to be changed? Thanks again, and I love the open ppg. Absolutely brilliant!!

Could I use something like this?

No, look at the specs of our current batteries (6S 22,000mah, etc.).

Thanks for the quick reply. I was hoping I could put a few together to make 22000mah.

You’d better off with the Bonkas. 4 bonkas weighs minimal and will give you 30+/- mins. Adding additional batteries as you mentioned will create more headache.

These are the estimated flight-times for the X4 with different battery capacities:

Here you will find info related to batteries:
Battery temperatures

The original poster has the KV180 motors and needs the 12S batteries. He will use at climbing 320 Amps and if he goes over 60 degree Celsius with his batteries the chemicals inside the batteries are beginning to disintegrate.

I spent a lot of time researching this very issue: in the end I gave up & accepted 4xbonka or similar is by far the best option. Might be a little heavier but you get twice the flight time & no risk of damaging batteries or over heating wires. The only option I nearly went for is 2x “120c“ from These batteries are heavier than a bonka but can handle greater discharge current. These would save 4kg in weight but add £1000 gbp to the cost. The figures might be different if you live in USA.

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Hey Andy

Thanks for the input. I checked out their website, and I am going to do some more research on way they have. That being said I will most likely go the Bonka route as they have been proven.


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