Spring clips on net hoops

Just wondered if the spring clips are necessary as there seems to be no holes at the end of the net hoop sections…and the net seems to hold everything tight anyway
Dave UK

The clips are only included for the people who want to use them and if you do want to use them you have to drill the holes yourself. I don’t use them and I agree that the net holds the segments together well. However, I also 3D printed some longer connectors.

Looks like a good idea…I will see how I get on with the originals…may ask you to sell me a set of longer ones if they dont work
Dave UK

speaking of netting - I see in this photo that the throttle control has found it’s way to the propeller!
How can we get a full perimeter netting?

You might not like my answer… you make a new net!

Seriously, I made a new net out of 0.55mm braided dyneema.

The reasons I made the new net:

Smaller smoother line for aerodynamics.

My original net was damaged in a few places and the yarn I was using to repair it wasn’t holding up.

I wanted to close the gap between the net and frame.

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I added about a 14 inch piece of flexible nylon rod to the inside of the cable braid where the cable leaves the motor to stiffen it up to prevent the cable from going through the gap in the net.

What I want to know is: who was it 20-30 years ago who decided to stop the netting 3/4 of the way around, and all the other manufacturers found this acceptable practice ?
( the blind leading the blind?)

Its called the holy dollar club : their mantra is - save a dollar profit a dollar.

Paul, if not already, you’ll soon have a totally new Paramotor - with all the modifications :slight_smile:

Nice job on the netting. I had to repair my netting on my gas paramotor two years ago, so I know how time consuming net-mending is.
How much time did it take you to make a new net?

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I was wondering why it only looked semi professional - dude, kidding!
I am now thinking you are one of the people here that could have built from scratch!

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Based on how long it took to tie a couple rows I could tie a whole net in about 5 hours.

What movies did you watch doing this mind numbing task? :smile:

Did you watch a YouTube video to learn how to do this? If so, which one? I’ve tried watching a few, but most are not very well done and the audio explanation is in a foreign language. I’ve been searching for a good net making video. Thx.

this is the video that helped me to repair my net of my gas powered paramotor two years ago:
The title is spanish, but the video doesn’t have any spoken or written words, it does speak for itself:

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This video does a pretty good job showing the whole process:

However, I don’t put the line over my hand first but rather I grab the loop after like this:


I’ve been searching for a nylon rod that would work for this, but no luck yet… found nothing at Home Depot. If anyone has a link, please post :slight_smile:

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Does it come in 1/8”? 1/4” is probably a bit big.

Something like what modern wings have in their leading edge should work well. Or some plastic tubing. Anything to keep it from bending a tight radius under its own weight.

This but it does not come in short length so cost is up

Thanks! I ordered it.