Poor Man's Jettisoning / Ejectable Battery Box


I intend on sharing it. To start I’m going to use it to get a better understanding and optimize my machine, but hope to be able to produce them for others too. What kind of features would you be looking for?


Awesome!! Temp monitoring and emergency power off in case of unsafe temp level would be the most important thing I think.

I would also love a system where you can charge 4 or 8 batteries at once with a single charger so you don’t have to switch the batteries multiple times to charge them all.

Anything that can increase efficiency or safety is a major plus.


Any news on the battery box Paul?


I’ve been working on a design which uses a cable release to disconnect straps. A board protects the batteries from falling into the prop(s) and the XT150s are used (potentially at varying lengths) to give the best chance of clean disconnect. If anyone’s interested PM me.