NEW OpenPPG Informations

Hello there, we are new here in this forum, and are really interested in buying two of this babys.
BUT the inventor of PPG told us, there will be a new Version of the PPG till two weeks.

Now we are still waiting about 4 weeks and we dońt get any new informations about it.
It´s really frustrating because we still want to buy the units.

Maybe some guys of you got more informations, heard about a one motor design wich has more flighttime?


Open ppg does normaly deliver 2x per year last was some weeks ago and ordered about end of april.

Next would be delivered maybe in december…

Never heared about planed 1 motor version… voltair tryed one and throw it in the bin… see here :

only baterymanagement could come next becouse it was planed for batch 4.

They way Paul and Zach, the creators of this project have handled orders in the past, are orders by batches.

You should basically sign up for the newsletter, (and keep an eye on this forum), you will be notified when the next batch (should be batch 5 if I am not mistaken) is ready for order.
You then confirm your order with either full payment or a deposit at least.

After a week or two the order period will be closed, and it’ll then take a couple of weeks (two months or so?) until the unit that you’ve ordered finally gets delivered.

This procedure obviously keeps cost low.