How good (or not) is the OpenPPG for first-time paramotor pilots?

Yeah I sent them money for new switches months ago but never received them. My instant messages to them go ignored. I don’t understand how hard it is to simply get the little stuff done-- maybe they feel like they are too busy with the new SP140 manufacture? If that’s the case, hire someone to take care of the little stuff so as to avoid alienating your customers.
The product itself is pretty cool once you get the bugs worked out. The lack of product support, however, more specifically in lack of parts support, really needs fixing on their side.

The switch is a “PreCharge” momentary switch to keep the main switch contacts from arcing and damaging the surface of the contacts over time. I was using GliderPilot’s precharge switch…and really liked it, but the simple push button is more my style. I took the yellow wires that were going to GliderPilot’s precharge switch and moved them to my momentary switch. Thanks for calling it to my attention, I will add a photo this weekend showing the change. GliderPilot’s mods are great though!! Paul is a VERY smart guy!
My flight controller (hub) has never locked up. Mine is a batch 3 unit and the controller is very basic…so far, it just works. I hope this helps. Bill

Here is the bracket:
openppg precharge switch bracket.stl (47.5 KB)

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Awesome, thank you
I’ve only had 3 flights on my batch 4 so far and I’ve had the hub freak out twice on me. I’m enjoying foot launching again after 10 years and don’t want to give up on it because of the hub issues. I think gliderpilot has done some really nice work and if I could I would hang out with him to learn some more… happy flying

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Yes I did make your post a pm, because one, the information in your post is not true. Some of it is, like for the kits we don’t always have stock and extra parts of every kind. We try to have extra parts but it is expensive to.

We aren’t some huge manufacture and I can afford to keep a bunch of extra stock. We run pretty lean and that what helps keep the cost down, that’s why we do the batches so we can order supplys near the amount of orders that come in. If I was to order a bunch extra I would have a decent about of extra stock and waste. Then with that extra waste comes extra cost and the X4 kits would cost more. So I’m just trying to find the balance of having replacements parts available and keeping waste down to a minimum.

As for as “not getting the courtesy of a reply” that’s not true, not only did I reply but I sent you a full throttle controller when you thought that was the problem. It’s partly my fault because I took your word when you said that your throttle controller was messed up, and it turned out after I sent you a full replacement that wasnt where the error was. You just make it sound like just straight up no response.

Anyway I hate doing this kind of airing dirty laundry talk. I’m trying to get better at managing stock, but I’ve got burned too many times and end up sitting with tens of thousands worth of parts that I can’t be used. And I don’t wanna just increase the price of stuff i just wana get more efficient at getting the correct stock.

Anyway for anyone wondering we have a live video call scheduled with @hbdudeinspain the other day so we should figure out where the error is coming from.

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It took a while (couple months) for me to get my new boards but I did get new, updated, pieces and it works. It’s frustrating when flying weather is going by and you have no flying machine. However everyone here should understand what the X4 is and what it is not. It’s like an early (1900s) car or 1970’s computer kit. Very DIY. Very rare. You’re buying one of dozens not 1000’s or even 100’s. Mine is only the third one registered in Canada. If a part fries or breaks you just have to wait or make your own. In my case the problem and the solution were clear. When diagnoses is uncertain you’re asking these guys to send you free stuff and not know if it’s even going to make you happy and flying again. Frustrating on both ends.

I think part of the problem is perception. The internet, 3D printing, affordable high end CAD, and other technologies, make it easy for a really small (literally two brothers in their garage I’m betting) operation to seem as if they’re a global business. They have a multinational reach and awareness, ship worldwide pretty much, make a kit that includes high quality precision parts that look and feel like they were manufactured on a mass production line. 10 years ago none of this would have been possible without a megabuck operation. It’s still just two brothers in a garage. I’m thinking they’re not even making a living from OpenPPG yet.

Getting back to the original topic of this thread, the above must be considered for first time paramotor pilots. The X4 itself is a very easy machine to fly and as such is great for beginners. It’s my first paramotor. It’s probably not a viable machine for teaching. Learn on the equipment your qualified flight training operation has. Those operators will be using inexpensive, robust, highly available, proven, and well supported equipment. Not necessarily equipment that is optimized for learning. That’s why flying schools use old Cessna 172’s and not Kitfoxes or Rans, or Sonex.

Just my pair of pennies on this matter.

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First off. Thank you for the reply, and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

I do not ever wish to be unreasonable, and I do hear your perspective on limited runs, stocking parts and being a small team. I did anticipate that some or all of those factors might be at play. While frame, battery and others can probably be jury-rigged, it seemed to me that the circuit board would be much more difficult to work around - and therefore thought that spares were more likely to be purchasable.

I think our disconnect may be circumstantial. Prior to this exchange, I’ve honestly not received any confirmation of receipt of my circuit board problem/question. From my perspective, I was sending repeated emails over the course of a month without any acknowledgment; even a ‘busy, will get back to you within a couple weeks’ reply. On your perspective, you feel you’ve sent a throttle controller to address my issue. So first off to that: Thank You! - And doing so for free is absolutely not expected or necessary. Howver, the disconnect is that I’ve not received that nor anything else. If I had received anything or heard anything, I absolutely would’ve acknowledged those (or any) attempts on your part. (Plus insisted on paying for any costs of parts so generously provideds.)

That noted, I also now choose to believe that you did, or intended to as a good faith attempt, try to help me resolve the issue - so again, and genuinely, “thank you!”. I believe in trying to be fair and reasonable at all times, and not doing so here too is just plain against my ethics.

Regardless, I genuinely do appreciate both your response and position; and still hope there is some sort of solution possible that is mutually reasonable. Perhaps controller boards from old or new builds might still work? I don’t know, but I’m more than willing to pay as stated in my original email for whatever is possible.

Thank you.

(Also, I’m not aware of a video call scheduled date/time?)

hmm maybe its someone different. I must not be getting your emails, please try and send me an email to my private mail whiteheadpauld