Arm clasp holders

Here is my solution to holding the arm clasp from vibrating open 4 x 5mm rubber blocks cable tied to the back plate


Good job… that’s one way to do it. Here’s another way… I got rid of the knobs altogether and I love it! Here’s a link:

Yep I think your way would be a great mod on future kits…added these after the maiden flight an easy fix without dismantling the rig

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Are they even needed? I think the point of the locks is to keep the arms extended while the hoop/cage is being assembled. Once it’s assembled, I think it’s no longer an issue.

Yeah tbh while testing I’ve flown a few times without them even installed and the friction of the hinges and the pressure of the thrust keeps them in place.

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Whats the old saying
“Better to have and not need - then to need and not have” or was that just for condoms! :>)

Haven’t really seen it as an issue. With the hinge friction, hinge limit, hoop & netting and the prop thrust, it’s not going anywhere.