6 7S Batteries?

Is anyone using a 6 battery setup? I was thinking of trying 6 7S batteries for longer flight times.

Yes, several of us are. I highly recommend it for flight time as well as less stress on the packs. I always use 6 packs.

What does you harness weigh with 6 7s packs and about how long are the flight times .

DO you have a photo of your battery layout you can share?

Im not very technical and im still trying to wrap my head around the advantages and disadvantages of the sp140. It sounds like on the x4 to get longer run times you need 6 packs . What does the sp140 need to get the same performance . what is the advantage and disadvantage in terms of batteries and weight from the sp140 to the x4 . At 6999 for the sp 140 with battery and harness its not much premium from buying the x4 and then buying 6 batteries.

The li-ion batteries are safer, since having a lipo catch fire I’m extremely cautious and looking at safer alternatives

I have a batch 2 with 6S but I built a batch 4 the same way with 7S for a friend. Here is my batch 2: