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hi guys, in xcontest it is now also possible to upload e-ppg and e-trike flights. I donate a patch “electric motor pilot” to the first 3 pilots who upload their flight. the pilot then only has to send me his address so that I can send the patch by post. Best regards


It is live sine the start of the 2021 season.

Once again thanks to XContest team for quickly implementing it + adjusting it to the FAI classes. XCTrack has also been extended to make submission of flight easy to sort it into the right bucket (L/F, 1/2, T/E). Of course this can also be done after submitting it (preferably before publishing).
I usually submit a flight right after landing, but publish only after I adjusted launch site and added some details. Especially some weather and wind info are useful to understand the track of a long flight better.

Sadly there has not been much activity yet for electric.

+1 to @bratwurst
I really hope we will see some flight submissions during this year. It will be super interesting to see how much of the “up to 60 Minutes” can be archived with the SP140 and other machines on what type of wing.

unfortunately the upload has not worked so far with elektro. I submitted a test yesterday. after a long wait it worked with a vario (volirium). Xc soar and all other apps or varios have not yet allowed uploads in the electrical category. As far as I know, other pilots also tried to upload something and it was not possible. think
that it works now.

It probably takes while until the vendors offer new firmware for devices or update their apps.
If you can submit to the PPG section at all, then you should be able to move a flight from thermal to electric later.

  1. Submit the flight (perferably do not select “public” yet if your app/device does offer this)
  2. Go to XContest.org Paramotors section and login
  3. Select “My flights” on the right side menu and click edit under actions for the flight
  4. Adjust FAI class (foot launch / land plane = trike) if needed and pick “electric”:
  5. Click “Send!” below to save your changes.