X4 - Unable to Arm

I recently had the throttle pin broken off the throttle potmeter. The spring got out, and I pushed it back in and just glued the pin back, and it seems to work/slide fine. I already purchased a fully new potmeter, but in the meantime I wanted to fly. So now when I power up, the throttle states Disarmed, and I am unable to Arm the system using the standard process: hold “blue light switch” (next to throttle pin) engaged, while 2x short pushes on the side switch. Does not do anything… anyone experience with this issue? For the rest, everything seems fine, the ESC´s beep as should during disarmed status. Does the system need a reset maybe? Would the “repaired” potmeter maybe disable the system to arm itself?

There’s a safety check to make sure your throttle is below a low threshold (~2%) before you can arm.
Make sure the the pot is all the way up. If it is you may have to recalibrate it by adjusting threshold/number in the code and re-flashing.

Thank you for the swift reply !! Much appreciated!
I will try to replace the potmeter with a new one first when it arrives next week, because i don´t really want to rely on the glued potmeter during takeoff ;-).

Can you maybe explain how to adjust the threshold/number in the code and re-flash?
That would be done by labtop and usb-cable I assume?

Thank you again already for your support!!