[WTB] SP140 Paramotor

Missed out on the latest batch and the next shipping date is going to be Spring 2022. If anybody is looking to offload their SP140 let me know.

I have a mint unit I’m willing to sell. A new kiddo is preventing me from finding the time to use it. Feel free to reach out if you’re still interested.

Hello sir,

If the other fella does not respond to you, depending on where we can meet $$-wise, I live in Canada, and the value of our buck makes buying a new sp140 a nearly 10K investment!

I’ve only started using this forum, so ill drop my email


Feel free to get in touch. My name is Jay

@Pdwhite I’m planning on selling my batch 1 SP140 to @reedk. Is there anything that we need to do (or can do) to transfer ownership to him on your end? We haven’t completed the transaction yet, so we just trying to sort out what if anything should happen when we seal the deal.


No title or anything like that so fine that side, if something breaks can still definitely get support through Openppg.

Awesome, thanks!

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