Will this battery work for open OPPG?


Saw these batteries,

Does these work for this project or are they worse than LiPo ?
With 4 of these, how long flight time could I expect? (They should be 28000mah each)



Answer: Technically yes, but they would be heavy, and probably be too expensive and therefore not worth it.
First I have to say this looks like a good find (although I doubt they’ll be cheap).

Reasons why they look good:

  • They’re 6S (~22.2volts)
  • Maximum continuous discharge: 80A, so you’ll need at least 8 of these batteries to provide the full 300A safely (can someone fact check me here?). This is because 80*4 > 300, and then we have to double it to 8 batteries- 4 pairs of batteries in series- in order to reach the needed 44.4v (aka 12S) that OpenPPG runs on.
  • They are energy-dense batteries, with 11.67Ah/Kg. That’s pretty good considering the best I’ve seen so far has been like 8.25Ah/Kg.
  • Finally for flight time, I’ll go with the assumption that Paul uses 8 Multistar batteries for his 40 minute flights. So that means the battery weight is 16Kg. That also means in the 40 minute flight he’s using an average of 192A. So using eight of these batteries would give a flight time of 70 minutes. This does not include the loss in flight time due to weight, which is probably pretty significant.

Reason why they look bad:

  • Each battery weighs 2.4Kg. A pack of 8 of these things would weigh 19.2Kg, or 42.33lbs. With the weight of the frame that’s a lot to run with.
  • Yeah they look like nice batteries but are you willing to pay $2,000 for each one? If they were $300 each they would be on hobbyking or some drone website. If you get a quote let us know the price for these.

Conclusion: Heavy, and probably too expensive, but interesting.

It’s okay if you don’t know this stuff, Pikachu’s probably don’t have to worry about batteries in their daily lives, what with being a variable power supply themselves.


Yeah they are quite expensive, Around 460 Euro each which is a lot indeed but could also be worth it if you don’t need to be so super careful like with a LiPo battery?
So if I would need 8 of them it would be 3760 on just batteries!!!

LiOn is supposed to be a lot safer than a LiPo ?