Why not use a 50 pound battery?

How many pounds are being lifted in this tandem?

See 6:30 for launch.

A 4 motor trike with a 50 pound battery would weigh much less.

My thinking is that a trike and a huge battery makes sense for EPPG.


If only my batteries had feet and could run as fast as Tucker’s girlfriend. :joy: Actually, there are a few people on this forum planning on using a trike with more batteries. Personally, I like to fly with less weight.

I will be 80 in a few months. When reach my age, you might want to fly on wheels. Have you flown a single electric motor with a large prop? More efficient prop and simpler design. However, your 4 motor design is pure genius!

Methinks that the efficiency of a large prop and a lightweight trike will easily carry 50 pounds of batteries (~ 40 Ah @ 48 V). To fly longer, climb and glide. One guy went to 17,200 ft and glided for 45 minutes. This technique for longer flight times makes electric PPG more intriguing; especially for the guys who like 1 hr + flights.

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That’s awesome that you are almost 80 and want to fly with a trike. I wish you the best of luck with that! Hopefully by the time I’m your age batteries won’t hardly weigh anything… or even better run on wireless electricity or something.

Richard Weston turned 83 last week and he still foot launches.

His flying buddy Martin is in his 60’s and with a bad back and a pair of bad knees, uses a trike.

My goal is to fly with caution into my 80’s and that is why I prefer a trike.

Any advice towards reaching my goal would be greatly appreciated.


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