Weather Proofing

Is there any plan to weatherproof the electronics in anyway?

For those who fly in humid an/or dusty environments (Florida beaches for example), damage to delicate electronic systems could become a serious problem.

Might it be possible to provide some basic weatherproofing at the point of manufacture?

There will definitely be some critical components where weatherproofing and conformal coating on the electronics will be really important - you definitely don’t want the throttle signal malfunctioning for example! DIY’ers can do that using off the shelf conformal spray. We can consider doing that in the kits. Good thought.

This is a question that gets asked quite frequently and its a logical question. Most people don’t know that the motors are already fully waterproof and can actually run just fine underwater. Also, the speed controllers for the motors have a waterproof housing protection them. So you won’t have any problems with morning dew or flying in some rain.

You would only have to be weather proof to the extent that your wing is weather proof. Paraglider wings generally don’t perform when wet as opposed to a bit damp. I speak from experience here. One afternoon I was flying from a peak in Slovenia when I was caught in a brief shower. I went into rapid decent mode and induced a horseshoe stall.

When I tried to recover the wet fabric surfaces had stuck together! I was pumping those brakes like I was trying to fly by arm flapping alone! After a while (which felt like hours) the surfaces reluctantly peeled apart and I landed, well short of the field. Strangely I’ve been more careful of the weather since :wink:

Paul in Oz

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