Volt / Amp meter displays

I like the volt/amp displays people used…

On my electric Schwinn scooter I use a wireless unit and it works great. You just need a 5 volt usb
power supply to power the display - so no cables!

The newest ones have even a 24 inch long temperature probe installed on them, which would be great
to control our batteries temperature in flight.


On the display you enter the Ah capacity of your battery and it shows the remaining Ah’s in use.


My idea is to put it on a flight deck or directly to the harness like here…

looks interesting - how is it in the sun
The bat temp is a good function but unless you and monitor all the packs, not sure it is practical.
Did you make the mount yourself

@tarifachris what is the brand and model of this display? Where do you buy it?



Ordered them from a US seller - fast shipping…

You can power it with mini power-packs:

I put these as well on every battery pack:

I will report back in the future how the temp probe worked out…

thks for the info.

Hi do you have some wiring diagram for this device . Just bought one but no diagram .

Here you go…

Thanks a million . It´s working very well.