Used OpenPPG for sale?

TL;DR: Does someone want to sell me a used OpenPPG?

Hi all!

I’ve been looking into the world of PPG recently. After looking at gas-powered models, I realized that an electric PPG was the one that I wanted; they seem to be quieter, lighter, and you don’t need to buy gas to use it. I found this website and I was sold.

However, I’m a student (a high school senior) who doesn’t exactly have 3k lying around to spend on one of these models. I have been raising money for the cause, but cutting costs is always something that I am looking to do.

With that being said, is there anyone here (or anyone you know) who might want to sell me their used OpenPPG? That, or batteries/wings/harnesses that I’ll need to get into the air? I’m located in Vermont, USA—please reply to this thread!


I don’t want to destroy your dreams, but there are only a few OpenPPGs out in the wild.
most of them have been kits, that were assembled by the buyers, topped up with batteries (another 1k USD easily) - so even if there was one available on the second hand market, it would go quick and probably for more than the 3k - considering the added work and the battery.

You’ll also need a wing.

If flying is your dream, save some money first, get some training, and THEN eventually think about buying equipment!


Hi Cam… as it turns out, I have a brand new V3.2 OpenPPG for sale…, it has literally everything… harness, batteries, charger… it has been test flown for about 25 minutes, but that is all. Otherwise it is absolutely new. Perfect condition. No caveats. It was built by Open PPG… so nobody builds them better.

I did do an upgrade to the throttle wire because the one it comes with is very thin and susceptible to damage, so I found a really nice bit of black tubing that is wicked tough and fully protects the cable.

Comes with 4 22000mAh Bonka batteries (recommended by Open PPG), with a dual charging system that works very well.

I put in some number of hours prepping the battery cables and the battery mounting as well, but all that is taken care of. You could literally be airborne within 15 minutes of receiving it… it’s that ready.

The only thing you would need is a wing and a pilot.

I spent $5,500 for everything…

Why? Sadly, I don’t fit. I’m 6’2", 250 lbs in clothes… and it was very difficult for me to put on. I managed it, but barely… but facts are facts, this is a machine for a smaller person. I don’t think height was the issue… I’d need to drop 25 -30 lbs in order to make it practical… sigh.

Anyway, I’m going to do a post in a few places in order to sell.

I’ll take a $500 loss on it… so an even $5K + shipping. (unless you are in California and want to make a drive)

Let me know…


Thanks for letting me know! I’ll PM you about details.

Actually, I seem unable to PM— do you want to email

Hi Cam, I’ll try to PM you instead… but if you don’t have the $$ for it, not sure why… I don’t want to do any trades… just FYI

Hi Cam,
Like you, I am interested in Electric PPG. But look around because electric plus 4 batteries giving you around 40 mins powered flight my not in fact be lighter than some gas-powered machines with the equivalent gas to run 40 minutes! I believe the approx. 3K figure is for the kit. Add in the cost of PPG or someone else who has put in the build hours and you may be looking at almost twice that. Just a thought.

Hi Nicholas, aside from the upfront cost/weight benefit of openppg vs ICE motors the bigger appeal to me is the non existent maintenance required on the openppg motors and secondly, the portability aspect in which it folds away neatly for transportation.

These 2 features are far more valuable to me, not to mention that I don’t have to transport gas around inside the car with me.

As always, your needs may be different so do what works for your situation.

All the best.

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Nsd, correction, 4 batteries for approximately 20 minutes and 8 batteries 40 minutes.

Ryder, whatever became of your V3.2?

I’m about 6’2" and 180 lbs… and I’ve been thinking about an OpenPPG for a while now. I really wish there was one nearby so I could try it on, and/or see it fly, hear it too… before deciding to buy. I’m in Gainesville Florida, not California though. Anyhow, the OpenPPG is portable and shippable.

Please PM me or email me if you see this!


And… I just saw your other post about how it’s sold.

Darn it. And I hope that you find the right (electric) Paramotor for you.

Did OpenPPG ever flirt with designing a single motor model?

You could still have the folding cage with a folding prop or a detachable prop. I’d be interested! Less noise, maybe more battery life…

Happy flying everybody

I’m 6’2” and 180 lbs and the frame is just right for me.

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Thanks GliderPilot


I’ve been thinking about getting into an X4 but I’m your same dimensions almost exactly (6’2" and 250 lbs). Could you go into a bit more detail about what size issues you ran into? I currently fly a skycruiser with an engine comparable to a Moster 185, so I assumed if the X4 had similar power it would be able to fit a similarly sized guy, but your post gave me pause. Any advice you have on exactly how it didn’t fit would be super helpful. Thanks.