Update 5.6 bugs

I updated the controller to 5.6 and I lost the vibration when entering into cruse mode. Anyone else have this issue?

I dont have vibration with 5.6R I have the new controller. Is this normal?

No it’s not normal. There should be vibrations when cruse is activated. There must be a bug with 5.6 .

I guess it was done on purpose as a fix to a bug in 5.5. So once they fix the 5.5 bug the vibration will get put back into the programming in a future update.

Yep I think we overlooked that for the older controllers, didn’t mean to disable it when it was already working fine.
I already have a fix up for it.

We’re testing a couple other changes and can just release it in the next update

Do you have a eta on when you plan to release it?

Beta files are attached here Release [5.7 Beta 1] · openppg/eppg-controller · GitHub
I’ve been flying with it for the past week (3 flights).

Looking to update the config tool and release it as 5.7 in the next week or so.

Definitely test it out and let me know what you think.

(the .uf2 files can be used in the same was as the ones linked on the config tool page)


Is the CMO file for the old controller and the CRP2040 file for the new controller?

C = controller
M0/RP2040 = the chip (Device Architecture is what its called in the config tool when you connect)

Just updated! Hopefully I can try it out tomorrow.

Yes, the vibration back in the controller is very nice since last night I accidentally disarmed and couldn’t tell that I rearmed it unless trying the throttle.

Thanks Paul.

This new firmware update was so nice!! I took off in chill mode, got some altitude and changed it to sport mode. The climb rate in sport mode is way better than chill mode. Then change back to chill mode for landing. These are great changes!! Started to add some LEDs for my strobe but I need to figure it out a little bit as I take my hoop apart each time for transport so it might be tricky…