The Revolt? Is this the inspiration for OpenPPG?


What? “Revolt is safer: with its four reliable electric motors, and ability to fly on just one,”

Revolt is safer: with its four reliable electric motors, and ability to fly on just one, Revolt offers unprecedented security
ZERO torque effect and vibration: with propellers spinning in opposite directions, torque effects are eliminated, giving the pilot smooth and precise flight
Revolt is powerful: with up to 90 kg (~200 lbs) of thrust, Revolt’s performance is better than a 250 cc petrol engine
Revolt is more reliable and requires little maintenance: gone are the days where you have to be a mechanic to be a pilot. With Revolt, you press a button, turn it on, and go! The reliability of an electric motor means maintenance is mostly about the frame and harness
Revolt has cheaper spare parts: and if something does need to be replaced it can be done easily and at substantially lower cost. It is sometimes said that there are two types of pilots, those who have broken a prop, and those who will. With Revolt, that type of failure will cost you €30 ($33) instead of €300 ($337)
Revolt is extremely portable: gone are the days of a smelly car from petrol fumes. Revolt is quickly packed for travel in any car OR position without worrying about gasoline leaking
Revolt is responsive: the smaller propeller has less inertia, and when combined with a digital throttle allows the pilot to immediately access all the available power
Revolt is better balanced: with no tank, Revolt’s weight is the same before, during and after flight. The weight is also better distributed close to the back
Revolt is cheaper than petrol: when you add it all up, costs less than half the cost of flying a conventional paramotor