Tandem Trike Possible

Hi all,

I’m guessing this is fantasy at this point, but I’m curious if the SP140 is capable of providing thrust for a tandem trike? I’m guessing you would need to hook up extra batteries to have a reasonable flight time, but would the power required put too much strain on the motor, ESCs, etc.?

I have been flying the SP140 with an AirOne single Trike.
From my perspective flying a tandem is not feasible. The BMS in the battery is rated 100A and thus you would probably fly it in or close to constant overload with a single battery. With multiple parallel batteries that problem would be reduced, at the cost of more weight.

As usual: It depends
… mainly on the total weight.
A light person + a kid in a light tandem trike should technically work.

Just FIY BMS 100a rating just means it can hold 100a for ever. I would think of it as a midpoint kinda like you could pull 200a for a min and be fine.

But ya I agree with @Daniel-Duesentrieb for a tandem setup two heavy dudes flying on the same setup would not be ideal. If you are looking for a dedicated tandem setup I would use 2 batteries and could use a different motor for better cooling at those tandem with big people power setups.

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