Sp140 V1.1 partially complete updated 5-4-24

Hey guys I am selling the following items
I can sell all together or in pieces
Just make an offer on what you want

This would be a good chance to get a discounted sp140 all you’d need is a harness and a battery

Here is what’s left:

V1 Frame, cage, netting, and electric power system
Left hand throttle
Original titanium gooseneck bars
Tri-blade prop

These parts have 3 flights on them with no crashes or rough landings. There are some minor scuffs from transport and taking the battery in and out.

I can meet in person near Oklahoma or ship

. *



Are you open to selling just the inverter?


I also wouldn’t mind buying the battery (just for the case and BMS as I understand the cells are no good).


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