SP140 mount to trike help?

Any ideas here…min how to mount to a trike?

I cannot get a video to post for some reason


Its yours so feel free to drill holes in the legs :slight_smile: they are not a critical to the frame strength, at least for thrust and flying operations. A good but land on the other hand :upside_down_face:


Looks like you need a small clamp like a muffler clamp. Just my thought. Put some rubber hose around the xp140 frame. Clamp around it and bolt the arm to the clamp. Again just my thought. That would not be quick to undo though.

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Are you sure the SP140 frame is strong enough?

I once crushed a single loop frame from Nitro 200 + the E-Prop with a trike launch that basically did not look bad on video. One of the gliders raiser was pushed against the frame and bend it into the spinning prop. There was no way I could have prevented this with my arms.

Since then I avoid using single loop frame for trike launches.
It does not mean it cannot be done. I did many good launches before with the same frame and trike without taking a scratch. If you are only starting at very low or zero wind there is probably less risk.

My whole point is: Just double check by pushing the frame a bit.
Could it get into the prop or is it stiff enough?
Please share the impression!

The trike I was using with the Nitro is the AirOne Pro Unique single. It is well made and will work with the SP140 frame for sure. Now I have both the AirOne single and the tandem and I like them as they are well made, stable and generic to work with most frames. (I am not associated with AirOne / no commercial interest; I just like the product and use it a lot)

Looking forward to viewing this setup👍

How about this using a stainless u bolt?

That’s what I was thinking but slip a short piece of rubber fuel hose around the tube where the clamp will sit. It’ll grab better and not damage the tube.
And lock washers or thread locker or a nylock nut.
Or go really high end!

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I like that GN278 – but they want your 1st born for just one🤣

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I’m have by a hard time making it work. The high center of gravity with a slight forward lean puts a lot of pressure on the side attachments and causes the bottom attachment (I tried u bolts for that, too) to slip.

With a trike would you not want the center of gravity lower to improve ground handling? Seems a top heavy trike would be more prone to capsizing. Can you rig an alternate battery mount?

Yes, the higher center of gravity would seem to be problematic for a trike. It is putting stress on the supports as I try to attach them. I am not an engineer and it might all work out but I am just guessing.