Sp140 cart upgrade


Is the footrest just for comfort, or does it help with weight shift or something? How hard is it to find again once you “drop” it – I would expect the wind to leave it flapping in a hard-to-see location.

Hi Jim, I need it for a couple reasons.1 / I am a lightweight pilot and my risers connection points had to be set as far back on the canes as possible, otherwise it would be impossible to get inside the seat without it the foot-rest. 2/ Comfort. 3 / To flight the torque. Overlapping my right leg over the left one helps me place as much weigh as possible to the left side of the seat and flight nearly straight.
The lighter the pilot, the more the torque is felt and the harder to fight. Cruising speed is not an issue. I can have both my boots next to each other without crossing my legs and maintain altitude. When I accelerate to the maximum is only during takeoff and heavy right turns with the torque. I do no give any left brake input at full power to prevent the risk an asymmetrical wing stall.
I also place the right side of the foot-rest in front of my right tibia and the left side behind the left tibia. I can then backpedal and grab the foot-rest with my left boot.
Having a stiff foot-rest is a bit of pain while running as it can impedes freedom of leg movement but it works. I made my own soft foot-rest.
Advantage of the stiff bar: both boots can be placed next to each other without being crushed.
Advantage of the soft bar: offers more freedom of leg movement during the running phase but crushes my boots together if I try to have them next to each other. There is alway a compromise to make somewhere🤪

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