SP140 battery charger in Japan

Hi everyone!
I’m new here, and would be more then happy for any advice. I live in Japan and over here appliances uses 100V. I’m planning on buying the SP140 paramotor with battery and charger. Is it safe to use the 110V US charger here? If not, what kind of charger would you recommend. Best regards, Tobias.

Need a converter

Thank you for quick answer and link to the converter!
I saw now there are some specs for the chargers posted on the shop page (chargers listed as “uncategorized“ in shop) it says:

AC input freq- 50/60 Hz
AC input voltage- 90/130v
DC output voltage- 100.8v
DC output current- 10A

So if this means from 90V to 130V or should then work in Japan. Frequence in Japan is 50 or 60Hz depending on where you live.

Should be ok. Apparently Japan and US sockets are compatible as well. If you have 3spin outlets in the house you are good to go - if not, a 2 to 3 pin adapter will be needed - I am assuming the sp140 charger is 3 pin.

Perfect. Thanks again!

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