Some technical questions about X4 and SP140

Hi all,

I’m trying to understand better eppg and like to make some questions about technical part and economical:

  • X4 can fly with 4 batteries for 20min, how much charge cycle can this batteries hold and how much capacity degrade on overall battery lifetime? (in this case based on your battery brand)
  • Have anyone tried chienese brands of batteries? Since I’m not in US, I’ve found chienese suppliers that have a good price.
  • X4 cost much less than SP140. Have 4 motors and 4 ESCs of smaller dimensions much less price than a single one of higher power or is there another component that influence price?
  • What brand and motor model / and ESC , are used? Are they available to buy separately from openppg or from manufacturing supplier?

Thanks very much for you help!