Small push for electric ppg

I did not mention the OpenPPG name in this vid made yesterday, but you can clearly here me saying “electric motor” :smile: and there is a link leading to another vid where OpenPPG is in the title. Everything helps!



Great stuff , Goes to show you can have great fun just kitting till weather window gets good , Really liked this Video . Cheers for posting

oh, you’re french @Voltair - (or canadian?) I hear that from your accent :slight_smile:

I am both french and german, but was born and live in Germany.

Could you actually explain what a “full reflex wing” actually is? it’s the shape of the airfoil that makes the difference, right?

It’s what paramoter pilots use for faster flying, whereas that wing can not be used for free flying, right?

Hi Etienne, Parisian accent;-)
Full reflex: you could read about it here