Shop Sale - Sp140 Frames

If you guys are looking for some frames to mess with or build out, we have some prototype frames that never got used. We are moving shops so need to clear some stuff out. So just screen capture and PM what you are interested in.


I’m very interested in the frame+motor+ESC setup
but i didn’t figure out what’s wrong with the ESC and the motor.
Please give me more information on this configuration and the total cost with shipping to France.
Thanks for everything you do.

Its a bit under powered and the ESC design need more cooling.

How much for the complete X4 system at 3:23 shipped to Southern UT?

Looking for the “circle” that protect propeller. Can you tell me diameter to check if my propeller fits?

What frame are you looking at it for?

It looks like this one is not CF, but the same geometry as SP 140. Is that correct?

6pcs of X4 protection cage (the circle). Or the 4pcs of SP140. If you sell just parts, I dont’ need the complete frame.

Hello, I am a super noob on this site, so I don’t even know how to PM you, though I will keep looking…

I’m interested in one or maybe several of those black frames at 00:27, or the silver one at 1:35.

Are they all 150cm, or do you have any smaller cage sizes? I also left comment on your YouTube video - as I’m on YT far more than I am on here. Thanks!

Hello, I’m interested in parts for the X4 drivetrain, frame, electronics, do you have any of these things? Regards Paweł

Still have your fly-pods? Do you want to include them in your Shop Sale?

Hi Paul are any of these frames still available and ok for shipping to UK , the picture IMG_20220223_175320 inc hoop/net would be ideal if its for 1300 mm prop if you get a chance could you let me know price and delivery please … also the big one :slight_smile: whats stock of Sp140 controller like are they available for sale to joe public as we say in UK ?

I can sell you a new fully assembled(bought a year ago, never used) one for $1600.

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