Second flight with SP 140

Here’s my second flight with the SP 140, it took me 9 months to get with my instructor due to weather and schedule conflicts but we got it done last week. This is my first flight at home without my instructor present. I’m loving it, no maintenance just charge and go. I do perform a bolt check after each flight, everything is good.

My only gripe is the touchy ness of the throttle when in cruise, I’m constantly hitting the lever with the brake toggle. I’ve gone ahead and 3D printed a couple of levers and cut down one for a trigger finger only operation. This was it frees up the area near the brake toggle and hopefully prevents me accidentally disengaging the cruise control. I’ll have to get use to using my pinky finger for engaging the cruise control and disarming the unit. SP140 OpenPPG Second Flight - YouTube

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Nice!! I love that place. Ivanpah is one of my favorite places on earth… we come down there a few times a year to landsail and kite buggy.

Ditto, this is driving me nuts. I did the same and added a spring for feel as I think you saw in my other thread on this. Flew it last night and the pinky finger thing is still touchy because you are dealing with less throw and precision… but it’s better.
Let’s figure this out!


I think if @Pdwhite could program an initial “deadband” for the throttle lever it would help with eliminating the accidentally disengaging cruise control and throttle blips upon reverse launching. It’s tough to not apply some amount of throttle when holding the controller, brake toggle and As all the while kiting the wing up and then turning. Just a thought.