Safety considerations for pilot making the switch to electric

I am an experienced PPG/PG pilot that is making the switch to electric. While waiting for my SP140, I have a few questions on safety practices and what to look for as I make the switch from ICE to electric.

  1. What are the implications of the higher voltage used in the SP140? Would contact with the pilot be lethal and what safeguards are there or can be added?

  2. Throttle management. How is arming handled, how is accidental throttle input avoided and how can power to the motor be easily removed in case of an emergency?

  3. What type of pre-flight checks should I be adding to my list?

Any advice from the more experienced ePPG pilots would be appreciated!

Not sure about the voltage for the SP140 but I know the voltage is higher than the X4 that I have. Here’s the Wikipedia entry regarding voltage:
Voltages over approximately 50 volts can usually cause dangerous amounts of current to flow through a human being who touches two points of a circuit, so safety standards are more restrictive around such circuits.”
So yeah treat it with respect. The current will be enough to thump you good. Probably like sticking a fork in a wall outlet. Don’t do that.

The X4 has an Arm/disarm mode that requires a double tap on the top controller button. I don’t arm my controllers until Just before I start running. I.e. they are NOT armed while I’m hooking in and grabbing brakes and 'A’s and waiting for a gust of south wind. That way I know those props don’t spin while I’m messing with lines and risers. The motors ‘beep’ when they are disarmed. Annoying on the video. Reassuring for the pilot.

Here’s what I do…
1.Assemble and preflight the frame (check bolts, straps, props etc.) very similar to any other paramotor. There are no wires external that can be checked.
2. Confirm switches are off by looking and placing forefingers along the switch heads.
3. Mount batteries and confirm they are secure.
4. Confirm switches are off as above ( like to do this twice).
5. Plug in batteries and secure wiring as needed.
6. Strap on the motor the same as any other frame - Leg, leg, chest, chest, chin.
7. Clip in.
8. Announce “Clear prop”, check behind you then switch on. Motors beep confirming disarmed status.
9. Grab controller (throttle) and confirm status on the readout.
10. Brakes, 'A’s etc ready to launch, risers over arms and clear of controller.
11. Double tap arming button. Confirm armed by tone, vibration, and visual on the controller readout.
The rest is identical to an ICE paramotor but be ready for that power. It’ll come on without lag. The SP 140 will not require assembly or battery mounting and securing but I’d probably check that everything is secure every time. That battery is more than half the weight of the frame.


It’s probably 24s system. At minimum it can’t be below 22s based on the motor used. So the sp140 is running at up to 100.8v which can be lethal.