Power Surges. Maybe controller/Hub Connection Issue? Desync?

After a year of ownership, I’m finally flying my X4 on a regular basis. What a joy! Loving every minute of it.

Every flight I get to solve a few more issues. There are only a few left but they are above my pay scale.

  1. The biggest issue is a sudden drop in power. It is more of a hick-up, a quick loss in power to all four motors and then back to where we left off. A fraction of a second. However it is a bit concerning. Only thing I can think of is that one of the ESC’s are resetting. Thoughts?

  2. The controller, although working great, is missing information. It does not state the % left nor does it always display the battery voltage. Maybe related to 1 above?

I did start my X4 journey with a dead short. Two of the original ESC’s needed to be replaced but there is still two left. One of the ones still running needed to have the control wire replaced as all the insulation burnt off.




A quick flight from last night (camera angle is below eye line, I don’t usually look at the ground this much :slight_smile: )

You can hear the power dropping on/off during the flight, there is one right at the beginning (usually I would abort at this point).

I’m starting to wonder if there is a communication issue between the controller and the hub. When I wiggle the controller cable connection on the board, the issue either gets worse or almost go away (until about 10 minutes of flight and then it comes back).

So, anyone have had similar issues and ended up being the cable?




Problem solved. Not 100% sure what it ended up being.

  • resoldered one of the esc/motor connections (although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this one)
  • checked throttle cable and manually seated each pin connector (with a stick!)
  • Recalibrated the throttle.

All good now, flying great! Thanks for all the help.


I have had my batch 3 for almost 2 years…and love flying it! My throttle cable developed a short where it bends to go between the back plates. Depending on how I moved my arm, it might disarm or only allow 2 motors on one side to run (or they might not run at all…still armed)…not good…this actually happened on an aborted launch …resulting in some hoop and prop damage. It took a while to troubleshoot. Now I am building a new cable using 24ga silicone wire and shielding tape. I’m just glad that I finally figured it out before I had a really bad situation. Hopefully, the new wire will be more durable than the very fine non-silicone that came with the unit. That throttle cable is Super important and should be very robust…for safety.

Yeah, I agree. I’m thinking of making another one as well.

I think what was happening is that when the gooseneck bars were flipped over the frame as part of folding, the wire would catch on the nut that holds the gooseneck and it would pop the pins in the JST connector off the board.

One more thing to check on the pre-flights.

Now I need to figure a way to carry more batteries…

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