Power loss on x4 in flight

Hey so I was up for first flight this spring, flying for about 15 min and had complete power loss, when I lost power the motors went into their beeping disarmed mode, I tried re-arming, the arm icon showed up on display but it would not arm the motors. I landed in field no problem and a reset of power fixed it. I then charged up the batteries again and ran the x4 on the ground for about 10 min at around 130amp draw, then same thing happened, motors went into disarm mode and could not get them back without doing a power cycle. I ran it again for 8 min after this without any issues. I tried shaking the remote in case I have loose wire, that doesn’t set it off. I have the latest controller/board, not sure if its most recent firmware. Ideas?

Do you have an SD card in the x4 hub? Maybe you could upload the last couple files from it here

Did you try unplugging the screen in the controller? I’ve had them go bad on me twice now and the X4 for some strange reason will not run with a bad controller screen. Same thing, flying around all happy, next minute ESC’s beeping looking for a signal and only hard reboot will reset.

I didn’t know it had a black box, just installed sd card. Formatted 64gig card to exfat. Will test on the ground again and see if I can get it to fail.

No, I didn’t unplug screen, there was no indication that there is problem with the screen, it did not freeze up or go black.

I know it sounds funny. Zach told me about it as I was having the same issues. Unplugged and have had no issues since (15 flight, about 7 hours).

That’s interesting! I have the same issue and I haven’t tried unhooking the screen either, do you run all the time with the screen unplugged or do you unplug the screen power it on and then plug it back in ?

I am also wondering what you mean by unplug the screen…doesn’t make sense if the screen has no known issues why would this cause this problem?

I agree with you. I’m a mechanical guy, coding is akin to voodoo for me. However the way I understand it is that if the screen is starting to go on the frits, it causes an error in the controller that can only be cleared by a hard boot.

It simply means unplugging the 4 pin connector of the screen in the throttle controller. I’ve had one screen go completely bad on me (no indications either) and it would cause this.

If this is your issue, you need to replace the screen or fly without it.

I currently fly without a screen completely, but that has to do with another issue.

Okay this evening I tried to run up the X4, it turns on but will not arm. Batteries were fully charged, the controller shows zero voltage. I tried cycling power about 5 times, no luck arming motors, all escs were beeping. Thoughts?

Sounds like its a wire connection between the throttle and ESC, I would look there to start.

I checked the continuity of the throttle cable from each end, no broken wire/connection. Are you referring to the computer board when you say ESC? I don’t quite understand as the throttle connects to the computer board, not the ESC’s. Can you clarify what connection this is?

I figured out the problem. I recently installed a micro sd card into the controller board to record my logs, as soon as I remove the card the x4 arms and all telemetry works. Why would this be?

Make sure your hub microsd card is formatted as “FAT”
It may be trying to write logs and erroring out

(the name doesnt matter)

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