Poor Man's Jettisoning / Ejectable Battery Box

I found this vid of the ESP8266 being used as a wireless temperature sensor - can these be used for multiple inputs on one ESP8266 ? Do you have to have a router type scenario to get the reading?


Cheers, Patrick

28 GA steel sheet metal

So I’m working on and ESP32 for the flight computer now. It will monitor RPMs, current, voltage etc. It will also talk to the BMS chips, which have temp monitoring built in via thermistor. So that should do the trick.


Thank you for your response.

Also need to be careful where to drop that heavy burning inferno …

The flight computer you’re working on… Is this something that will be incorporated into OpenPPG or is this just something you’re making for yourself?

I intend on sharing it. To start I’m going to use it to get a better understanding and optimize my machine, but hope to be able to produce them for others too. What kind of features would you be looking for?

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Awesome!! Temp monitoring and emergency power off in case of unsafe temp level would be the most important thing I think.

I would also love a system where you can charge 4 or 8 batteries at once with a single charger so you don’t have to switch the batteries multiple times to charge them all.

Anything that can increase efficiency or safety is a major plus.

Any news on the battery box Paul?

I’ve been working on a design which uses a cable release to disconnect straps. A board protects the batteries from falling into the prop(s) and the XT150s are used (potentially at varying lengths) to give the best chance of clean disconnect. If anyone’s interested PM me.

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I love this! And I’m assuming that since it’s been 9 months that you’ve long since completed this project. I just started working with the ESP32 and I was thinking that it would be perfect for such an application. Bravo!

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dropping them would be great?
you do realise, that

  1. you’d have no control over the impact zone, if you have high altitude
  2. they’d get damaged with probably a 100% certainty, and could even explode, not even mentioning the damage to the environment
  3. you’d be dropping an item worth over a thousand dollars

Drop them for emergency, but not for no reason!

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This might be overly complex but I am wondering if it’s possible to incorporate a small inertial reel into a drop-box type design so that the batteries, if dropped, end up say 20-30ft below the pilot. This would be enough to dissipate enough heat, would ensure they follow you down, and assure they don’t ‘land’…I like that term, but it’s more like ‘bomb drop’…on something or someone unsuspecting below.

Probably over complicating this, but may be an idea.

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I am new to the OPenPPG Community, this was the first thing I was thinking to tell you the truth. I have been flying and building large drones for many many years. I have seen large lipo battery packs that have gone bad for no reason at all? Even after keeping them in there perfect conditions recommended by the manufacturer? I like the pull dump idea. but with any aircraft failure. there is a negative impact on what the parts hit for sure. Nomex fire suet wrap is an idea. But I have not used in this type of application. bag the packs sealed in Nomex style fire wrap. maybe spring launches it like a drag dragster parachute. it would help push away from you, not hang there on one positive cable burning you back up. just thinking of what could happen. lol

It’s really hard to make a LiPo “vent with flame” from over discharge. LiPo fires typically happen due to overcharging or puncture. What could happen with a 2 stroke and explosive fuel?


I have been using that for over a year now (Batch2). If $#@! was to happen, I would not worry about $25.00 props. Just pull and let gravity takeover. 26lbs of Bonkas are enough for a clean XT disconnect. The system I made for my harness dfoes not have any pins, buckles, rings, etc… just one strap and a small piece of Paragliding line - can’t be any lighter system than that😄

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