Pelican case for complete X4?

So, I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to fit a complete X4 into a Pelican case for transport. And by complete, I mean harness, wing, everything. I happen to already have a couple of the larger Pelican cases, 1660 size, but they make even bigger. Here is a listing of the sizes in case someone is interested..

My purpose(s) would be to transport in the back of a pickup without having to worry about anything messing it up, winter storage in an unclean garage, and possibly shipping it so I can fly to go attend training. One single case is important because I already know I can get a waiver and fly with super-oversized cases but I am limited(ish) on the number of oversized cases. If I can get everything into one case, then I would only have to ship the Bonkas (no big Lithium batteries on passenger aircraft).

So, anybody?