Paramotor Flight Display(H.U.D)


Here’s an idea that I was thinking about working on. If this paramotor is all electric. We can interface it with a phone. And then the phone could interface it with a screen so we could do a heads up display(H.U.D) like this.

I’m still not sure how to interface the phone into the ‘display’ that could be on a pilot helmet visor. Maybe use a tiny projector? Do you have any ideas? I’m also looking for ideas on what should be on the H.U.D. wind speed, GPS, Map, Altitude, battery info, etc?
What are your guys thoughts?


This would be awesome! Maybe you could have an app that interfaces with some of the smart glasses that are coming out. I don’t know how you would project it into a visor. Is this a Tucker Gott vid cap?


Well, The projection would be on the visor so we could still see what’s going on “iron man” type of thing. Remember how they used to project on the front glass in cars back in the 90s. So that’s what I’m thinking for this. I’m thinking it would be an cellphone app that does all of this. We just have a wireless network that’s in the helmet.We can pass the data(image overlays) to the projector through the wireless network much like a chromecast.

I did use a Tucker Gott videocapp. Nice to see another fan of his on here.


The RECON Jet is a HUD and already in the market. You just have to work out the programming for the other variables you want to project. Video, audio and bluetooth already built in…

This is a natural idea for eppg… me thinks…


when I go flying, I want to enjoy flying, look around me and enjoy the nature and skies.

I don’t want to constantly see virtually in front of me how high, low, fast I am or how much battery I have left. If I want to have that information, I’ll take a look at my vario or at the throttle controller with the LED indication of how much battery is left.

this is my opinion, I am okay with it if you see that differently


Yeah, that’s a good point. There’s nothing like not having a huge panel of read outs!!! So basically, it would be nice to turn off the HUD unless needed.


the recon Jet has that function. You glance to the right and down (or up) and the HUD comes on.


Instead of speeding more time trying to get a projector or screen just right. And time developing apps, etc. Here’s the $13 dollar solution.

Use the PPG app on android and you got it all! :slight_smile: Problem Solved !!!


Using the smartphone is probably for the best right now. AR is still in it’s infancy, and there are so many new solutions coming out like the Magic Leap and plenty of others I’ve never heard of. To make an AR HUD for our purposes I feel would be quickly made obsolete and would cost far more in its current form. So personally I would recommend developing the back-end of a HUD rather than anything hardware dependant.

I would love to see a C++ library written that when given a GPS position, altitude, and orientation (known in robotics as a ‘pose’) returns a list of nearby cities, airports, POIs and their position with respect to the user. So instead of making just a HUD for paramotors we’re making a software library applicable for paramotors, paragliders, GA Pilots, skydivers, wingsuiters, drone pilots, and everyone else addicted to living among the clouds.


I was thinking of upgrading my phone last yr as I was wanting to get something I could see better in the sunlight so I could use a flight program.
Found this FlyKobo unit at a local air show by chance - pick taken by me in direct sunlight
GPS Flight computer

I have not got around to using it yet, not flying yet but it was cheaper then me getting a new phone
I would love to get a HUD for inside helmet if they make an affordable one - this will do for now. Just got to find a way to mount it.
Cheers, Patrick

Kobos are used widely in the free flying community in the UK with XCsoar software on them, and also with Airwhere (anti-collision and paraglider tracking based on ESP32 and Lora).


I remember seeing flight helmets for the USAF that had separate visors that could be pulled down—mainly for sunglasses etc… maybe???

That way you could pull down the screen to take a peek and then stow it away again


WOW i wish my moving maps GPS tablet would be that clear!


Seems some are working stuff:–35L0zM3Y