Orders for (Limited) Batch 3.5 are open


Hi folks,
Batch 3 is now finally wrapped up and we’re excited to open up a limited supply of extra OpenPPG 22s for sale starting now. When we ordered parts for batch 3 we rounded up knowing that some people may have missed the original order window. These units will be shipping about 40 days after ordering because some extra components still need assembled or ordered.

Yes, we are still doing a full-blown batch 4 soon but since that will take a bit longer we wanted to get some of the extra ones in the community’s hands first as a thank you for being so awesome. :slight_smile:
When this limited supply is sold out the next opportunity will be in batch 4.

Edit: only a few more left!


Very excited just ordered! Please ship mine with the 160kv motors.


If we order a 3.5 Batch now, can we easily upgrade it to a 4.0 batch by replacing the electronics?
Or is the 4.0 batch electronics not compatible with the 3.5 batch. Or are there more change between the 2 versions?


Yes! Batch 2, 3, & 3.5 ESCs and motors are compatible so changes in Batch 4 will only require swapping out the frame circuit board and most likely the throttle as well. We plan on selling upgrade kits when new electronics are made available.


Any timeline on selling throttles and the new prop extensions?


Ya shoot me a private message ind i can get them set to you, there is no listing on the site.


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