OpenPPG X4 Batch 4 with lot extras

Used Open PPG X4 Batch 4 with newest firmware on hub and controller

Only has 10 odd flights on it so far

Includes 4x 6S Bonka Batteries which have been babied and kept nicely

2 dual channel battery charger

8 extra propellers (complete pairs) one of the props is lightly damaged but can easily be repaired

Extra hoops and a backplate

Paramotor cover

Asking for $5500

Quick update - one of the battery Chargers has one channel that has stopped working

Dropping the price to $5000

Where are you located? Why are you selling it? Does it come with harness?

Des Moines,Iowa.
Health issues making me consider not foot launching any more, the harness is included

Would you be able to ship it? Trying to calculate cost to the bay area.

Also wondering if you’d be able to provide pics of the lot.

Which harness, Dudek or Apco?

Dudek harness,let me know if you need any pictures or videos

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