Maintain level flight

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So, I post my query…
With 165 lbs of thrust, once in the air, one would need 100 lbs plus or minus to maintain level flight.
How difficult is it to turn off 2 motors to maintain level flight?

With the current setup it isn’t possible to independently control each motor. There is one signal wire coming from the throttle system that is split off to each of the 4 ESC.

Nevermind the negligible efficiency benefits and uneven thrust.

Curious why you would want to run 2 motors at full throttle rather than 4 motors at half throttle?

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I realized that this morning!
However as I have given it more thought, one would never know how it would work until it was experimented with.
Shut down the 2 lower motors and start increasing power to the 2 upper motors.
They are more centrally located and will not increase the angle of attack of the glider as drastically as doing it the opposite way.

Just dreaming out loud on a 9 degree day!

I think electronic cruise control would be more effective than turning off two motors. @zjwhitehead mentioned that this is under consideration for development.