Low current draw

Hi all, Sorry if this isn’t the correct place but I am new to your forum.
I am helping a friend with his new four prop PPG. Under test against a test bench battery capable of well over a 1000Amps (proved on load) I saw very low current draw and the unit seemed low on thrust.
The battery was a 6S unit I also noticed a small volt drop on the batteries which again proved low current draw @80A
Cable to the battery was like for like 2 x 8AWG
Is there a programmable setting on the ESC’s or within the main unit which can be programmed for more power?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Is the paramotor receiving 6s worth of volts or 12s?

Hi Bob27 6S I thought the max was 6S-7S?
If the max voltage is higher that would explain things.

You should be running like two 6s batteries in series for a total of 12s.

Hi Bob, That would answer everything. The unit is an Open PPG batch 4
I actually couldn’t find any technical info on the PPG site?
So are you saying that this units is 12S-14S just so I don’t blow up the electronics by putting to high a voltage on there.
Thanks for your help on this.

Yep, 12S-14S it is.

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