Legs support X4

I can’t understand how legs support work. It’s just a reclined plate (with a small angle) that should support legs (in flight?).

Can someone explain how it works and if you feel notiable difference from SP140 vertical support?

Post a picture of what you are talking about and Perhaps I could answer your question

Here’s an example image:

Red drawing is paramotor frame seen by side. A profile. Where black line is straight vertical is propeller reference.

As you can see X4 have this low side that goes just a little bit under seat. I don’t think it will change a lot in flight since motor is still vertical straight. Maybe this shape helps when running?

There’s a comparison with Scout that have reclined all the back with the motor vertical straight. In this case there will be difference in flying position. How much respect to vertical straight? I don’t know.

Your drawing is quite exaggerated… the actual angle is quite subtle and very comfortable. I prefer that angle change for added comfort because it conforms nicely to the natural position of your body.