ICE conversion project

Greetings. I have an old Blackhawk Kestral 52" frame (my first paramotor) and harness and would love to convert this relic to electric. Also have a 52v ebike (14s7p 18650 config) build that I could use one of the two batteries needed for this project. Buying another and getting me to the amp output needed. Basically I need the motors, props, throttle, and supporting electronics. I can work out the motor mounts. I am not an electrical or mechanical engineer but I can fabricate, solder and Ohm’s law is within my grasp. I sent this same question off to info@openppg as well with a request for any parts they could supply. Wondering if anyone sees any pitfalls so I can be careful to step around them. I have not detailed any of the mounting solutions yet. I have not seen too many conversions yet so I will try and share if I get this project off the ground.

Interesting frame
The Eone by Gair might be more suited to this frame/conversion

That is very cool. I will consider this for sure. Thanks for this rabbit hole. That being said I was really looking forward to zero torque and the cool factor of four blades.

Yep - also one of the reasons I choose the Oppg
That and cheaper parts should something break, when I break something :grin:
My suggestion is not to say you cant do an Oppg style - i am just not sure how with using your frame.

The props are 22 inches and the motors are 23 inches apart leaving an inch between the prop tips. It takes a 5 foot diameter hoop to surround that. Is your hoop that big? If not, you should just buy the whole kit.

Wow. That’s terrible news. Oppg didn’t look that big in comparison. Maybe I could use smaller props. Lol. Thanks!!!

Appearently the frame is too small anyways so back to the drawing board. Thanks

I was watching that project (g-air)and was hooked right away, shortly before I came across the OpenPPG in december 2017 (been paragliding since early 2017).

that project is dead or has at least not been updated since 2017. No parts available.

Buy the OpenPPG kit!

I did not been keep up with it – I was at the point if I went with an electric and a single prop design I was going direct drive and get a bigger motor - in the end I have no regrets going OpenPPG, just made more sense.


I can remember – but I know there was a discussion regarding overlapping props - that could meet your needs using your cage. Just throwing shit out there so nothing goes without thought.

In the end it may be more work/time/frustration than you wanted to deal with on a save 500$. Its like a house reno, you change this, than that and than another issue pops up – had you just gutted it and did a clean slate it would have been better!!


Great feedback thanks. The overlapping props seems interesting. One thing I love about the open source community is the sheer number of guinea pigs willing to make mistakes for me. Maybe its time for me to return the favor. In the name of science. I’ll start mulling again.

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I had a go at making an overlapping prop system a while ago. The project is currently shelved but you can take a look at the build and process here: