Hiking to remote locations


Have been experimenting with various backpacks and ways to make the whole thing as compact as possible to carry to remote sites. To make packing easier I adapted 2 bungees to keep the cage supports tightly together. Found them an Amazon - 6" long.

I can place my helmet inside the frame plus a bunch of other stuff. The backpack is comfortable to hike with. I also made out of Cordura material this time, a cage hoop sleeve held to the side of the bag with the original compression straps.
I can also use the harnesse’s bottom pocket (seen at the top on the photo) for additional storage space and a butt foam protector.


Nice! Which harness is that? What size backpack are you using?


A SUPAIR prototype harness - it is the EVO PPG but with a few strap modifications. Once done, Paul should have it availble. Still working on it -)


I do not know the backpack size but so far I have tried two different brands bags and they all worked. The black one was a Niviuk which had a Koyot (the first version) with a Medium size wing in it. I believe they usually make one size pack for all the various sizes within the same glider category. The only thing to be careful about is where the carbon fiber touches the Cordura material at the frame base because in both cases closing the zipper was a bit tight. Remedied the problem with a piece of floor mat 5" x 24" placed between the CF and the Cordura from let to right - it bends easily and will shape to the contour of the bag https://www.amazon.com/ProSource-Puzzle-Exercise-Interlocking-Square/dp/B00K2TWXD6/ref=pd_sim_200_6?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00K2TWXD6&pd_rd_r=8AG86ADN69RASD5FY6JC&pd_rd_w=m8WiG&pd_rd_wg=u9m3e&psc=1&refRID=8AG86ADN69RASD5FY6JC