For sale: Ozone Kona 26 PG/PPG wing

Unfortunately my wing has sat in the closet since My trip when I became licensed. Can’t have a good wing going to waste, hoping someone can get real use out of it. Wonderful wing!

$2,500 OBO, shipped in U.S.

Original owner purchased in August of 2018, had to log my flights, 40 flight hours, 10 g.h. but still less then 50 hours in the sun, beginning of training I was using a donor wing.

No water landings or patches, kept in bedroom closet, non smoker. Let me know if you have any questions! Located NW Ohio/Michigan line.

Pictures Below!

Here’s a vlog link for a look at it in flight, ignore my early techniques… was learning! :wink: Do what you love! Paragliding at Karioitahi Beach - YouTube

Still no luck uploading images… any ideas?

I too tried to upload using the “upload button” and got a note said “permission denied”
must be a trick to it.
maybe if you made a YouTube it will work as you were able to attach that link post 1

Sorry its not working. Ive contacted our hosting provider to resolve it. Update: they fixed it
@DailyShorts you can try again

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Thanks for the fix!

I love my Kona 2! I don’t have an electric motor yet but I think this would be a good wing for one - mine seems to get a lot of airtime out of a little fuel.


Just an FYI, taking this pg wing sale to the public (or at least other sites) so incase anyone was thinking about it, it’s still available.

Is this still available or sold now to the public?

The wing is available!

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