Features of motor, for better performance

Hi everybody here. I need some help, whats features must have a motor for be used on paramotor, for the best performance, Im refer to : rpm, voltage, etc.

some examples they work many years all around the world:


Rex 30 series most used type is the 30 / 3 eppg and e-trike


HPD 12 eppg / HPD 16 e-trike

QSL 150 eppg / QSL 200 eppg + e-trike QSL 240 e-trike

the motors shown are designed for aviation and are widely used. all of them focus on highly efficient and quiet flying.

this is why propeller speeds are usually a maximum of 2200-2300 rpm when cruising between 1400 and 1700 rpm

The continuous output is usually around 2.2 to 2.5 kilowatts per kilo of motor weight.

short-term loads are usually around up to 3.5-4 kilowatts per kilogram of motor weight.

there are other manufacturers who produce similar motors. but no exact dates can be found here.

as long as motors with magnets and copper windings are produced, the performance data will not change much.

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