Feather Battery Specs

Hello, I am looking for a light battery and it looks like the Feather Battery could work for my application; however, I have not been able to find specifications on it such as voltage, max continuous discharge current, max peak current, etc. Could anyone point me to it please? Danke!

The feather battery is 6P24S pack made with Samsung SDI 40T.

You can look up the spec sheet for those cells and obtain all your parameters you are asking for.
The feather battery is not likely to be available for you if it’s not for EPPG purpose. I tried to buy one and they are out of stock for a while.

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Both the 4kwh and the 2.2kwh pack use molicel p42a 21700 cells.

For the 2.2kwh the continuous rating is 5.5kw


Thanks, I was not correct about the cells used.

Seems like a good candidate for building an X4 pack maybe 20P 12S. Cell weight would be under 16kilos. Total pack would be just about 4kwh. Cheaper than bonkas but would require a lot of DIY. Even 18P would be a good size. A bit lighter at 14kg for the cells. Pack weight maybe 16kgs.

Thoughts? How are the cells connected in the SP140 pack?