Electric waves playing

A few days ago at the Long Island south shore. Unfortunately, my GoPro settings were not what I wanted and for whatever reason were at 15mn to turn the camera OFF. So, no landing sequence which was 100% on glide to the target motors off from far away. I had to clear a bunch of cars on a parking lot, a fence and BQ beach tables after that😁 ( the beach was pretty much deserted). It is always a good game to play trying not to rely on power to make it to the bullseye. Most PPG pilots will adjust the RPM to make it to where they want to land - that’s a bad habit because if some day the spark plug cap decides to take a hike in midair then what? I have seen it and the pilot landed where he didn’t want to. More reasons to practice your landing approaches in a tight spot 50’ x 50’ or even less motor(s) OFF from a few hundred feet above. Must be done first on a big open field with a larger target, then incrementally reduce the targeted area until you become really good at nailing it (less than 10’ from the bullseye). The first two successful attempts do not count (beginner’s luck😄). Only after that you will be able to feel confident you can repeat the move over and over. You would be surprised to know how many PPG and PG pilots do not know how to properly estimate glide over sink.
Anyway, I hope you will like the video. Have a great day!


The video link does not work.

Hello Robbie, I just clicked on it and it works.